Community Corrections

The Rice County Department of Community Corrections works closely to address the characteristics of offenders that lead to recidivism. Community Corrections works with the following:
  • Community Groups
  • Criminal Justice System Stakeholders
  • Schools
  • Social Services
  • Victim Service Agencies
  • Youth Service Agencies
As a Community Corrections Act county we serve juvenile and adult probationers as well as offenders who are released from Minnesota prisons. We take an evidence-based approach to supervision focusing our efforts on offenders with the highest risk and most critical needs.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision is a safe, stable, and vibrant Community advanced through collaboration with:
  • Community Leaders
  • Criminal Justice System and Human Services Partners
  • the Public
  • Service Providers
Refer to the Community Corrections: Vision, Mission and Values (PDF) for the full Vision, Mission, and Values statements.

Comprehensive Plan

As a Community Corrections Act county, Rice County develops and submits a biannual comprehensive plan per expectations of the Minnesota Department of Corrections. Read the Comprehensive Plan for Rice County 2018-2019 (PDF) for more information.

General Information