Witness Services

If you are a witness in a proceeding and have questions, either the prosecutor assigned to the case or the Victim/Witness Coordinator should be able to answer questions.  You may also find helpful tips in the Witness Tips Brochure:

When You Receive a Subpoena

A subpoena is an order of the court and serious penalties can attach for your failure to appear.
  1. If you have been issued a subpoena, read it carefully.  A subpoena always gives directions on when and where you are to appear.  The subpoena may also be a "duces tecum" which requests you to bring something with you. The item(s) you are to bring will be listed on the subpoena underneath the box marked "duces tecum."
  2. Call the Victim/Witness Coordinator at 507-332-5934 to ensure we have the correct contact information for you in case the trial is cancelled or rescheduled.
  3. Should you have any questions, change your name or address during the course of a case, or should any exceptional circumstances arise, please call the Victim/Witness Coordinator 
    at 507-332-5934 and inform him of any changes or circumstances.
  4. Bring your subpoena with you to court.  It must be signed by a representative of the County Attorney's Office and returned to Court Administration. You may be eligible for some expense reimbursements; please read the back of the subpoena. Collect receipts for expenses such as child care, loss of wages, meals, or mileage.  Reimbursements should be mailed to you within a few weeks of the court hearing.