Financial Assistance

Civil Judgement

You may also request a Civil Judgment be docketed against the offender by filing an Affidavit of Identification of Judgment Debtor (PDF).  A civil judgment is a final court decision requiring one party to pay a specific sum of money to another party.  In certain situations, the Court can order a civil judgment when restitution is ordered as part of the defendant's criminal sentence.
Crime victims do not need to file a separate civil lawsuit to get a civil judgment for the amount of restitution owed to them. The criminal or juvenile delinquency court order for restitution can be changed into a civil judgment.  The filing fee for victims of crimes is waived.
The judgment is enforceable for 10 years and can be renewed.  For more information about how to docket and collect a civil judgment, see the County Attorney's Civil Judgment Brochure (PDF).

Emergency Assistance

To apply for emergency assistance, please call the Victim/Witness Coordinator at the Rice County Attorney's Office at 507-332-5934. Emergency funds will not be provided to victims who were engaged in criminal behavior at the time of their victimization.

Office of the Justice Program Funds

The Office of Justice Program has provided certain agencies with small amounts of funds that are available to victims of crimes.  Funds may be available for:
  • Cleanup of the crime scene
  • Purchase and installation of necessary home security devices
  • Replacement of necessary property that was lost, damaged or stolen, as a result of the crime
  • Transportation to locations related to the victim's needs


Restitution for both juvenile and adult offenders is paid on a schedule arranged by the supervising probation officer.  You may speak to the probation officer by calling 507-332-6106 and asking to speak with the person who is supervising the offender.  You also have the right to request that a review hearing be scheduled if you are not satisfied with the rate of payment.  This will not guarantee payment or any change.  It will simply be a request for the court to review the defendant's efforts at complying with the Court's order.

Victims of Violent Crimes

For victims of violent crimes, financial assistance is available through the Minnesota Crime Victims Reparations Board.