Posted on: October 26, 2017

Winter Weather Approaching

With our snow/ice event approaching, we would like to remind motorists to be ready.  This means first make sure your vehicle is prepared for the winter weather.  Make sure your tires and your winter survival kit are ready.  This kit should include things such as blankets, water, snacks such as granola bar or nuts, gloves, hats and an extra hat. You should also have a phone charger and a window scraper in your car as well.

When driving, remember your winter driving skills.  Slow down!  That goes for everyone, whether you’re in a car, truck, SUV or commercial vehicle.   Give yourself extra room between you and motorists in front of you.  If you do lose control of your vehicle and crash, stay in your vehicle.  You have more protection inside your vehicle than outside.  From both the elements and other vehicles that my lose control as well.

Remember to give emergency responders your attention too.  Pull over when driving if an emergency vehicle is approaching.  When approaching a crash scene, slow down and give them room as you pass.  This includes squad cars, ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks and maintenance vehicles.  Stay off your phones, with your eyes up and your hands on the steering wheel.

Also, be cautious around the snow plows.  Give them room to work and plan extra time for your travels.  We want everyone to safely arrive at your destination.  Most traffic incidents are preventable and are usually a result of motorists traveling too fast for the conditions or are distracted.  Stay safe for all of us and drive carefully!


Prepared by: Sheriff Troy Dunn #1101, Rice County Sheriff’s Office

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