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Posted on: April 16, 2020

Applying for a Marriage License

During this public health emergency you are now able to apply for your marriage license through the mail or by dropping off your application & payment using our drop off box found on the south and north sides of the Government Services Building.

Click here to get the Application For Marriage License

Before you complete the application please call us at 507-332-6114 for additional requirements. 


Checks are to be made payable to the Rice County Recorder. We do not accept debit or credit cards.

Required Information:

  • Full names - before and after marriage
  • Addresses - before and after marriage
  • Age
  • Counties where each person lives
  • Date of Birth
  • If previously married, we need the date the last marriage was terminated, county, and state. If by divorce, we also need the type of court.
  • Place of Birth
  • Social Security Numbers
  • $115 without the Educator’s Statement (or) 
  • $40 with the Educator’s Statement that must be signed, dated and notarized from the person who provided the Premarital Education Statement. This statement must also appear on the Educator’s letterhead (MS 517.08)

The license may be used anywhere in Minnesota and must be used within six months or it becomes void.

Complete the application from our website. Please do not complete the part that asks for your social security numbers, we will get that information from you when we call you. Then mail or drop off your application, check or money order and any other document that was requested. We will call you when we get your application.

Before you get married make sure that whoever performs your wedding ceremony has filed their credentials/ordination papers somewhere in the State of Minnesota. Along with this, they must also file a "Certificate of Filing". There is a $20 filing fee.

MS 517.05 states that: Ministers of any religious denomination, before they are authorized to solemnize a civil marriage, shall file a copy of their credentials of license or ordination or, if their religious denomination does not issue credentials, authority from the minister’s spiritual assembly, with the local registrar of a county in this state, who shall record the same and give a certificate of filing thereof...

NOTICE: Please read your applications carefully before signing. After you sign and the license/certificate have been printed, there is an additional fee for correcting errors or making changes because of inaccurate information given by the applicants.


Judy Van Erp, Rice County Recorder (507) 332-6114 

Sara Foisted, Rice County Administrator (507) 332-6121

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