Workforce / Training

The workforce available in Rice County and surrounding areas has much to offer businesses thinking to relocate or expand their operation. This effective labor market offers companies a diverse set of worker skills and abilities.


Workforce is a key factor in recruiting and growing businesses in Rice County, and we are proud of the quality, educated, and skilled workforce in Rice County.
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We recognize that current and future employers need to understand the details about the available workforce and labor pool as they make location and grow decisions. To assist with that, Rice County has worked with DEED and Mercer to analyze the workforce. The following information provides a review of the Rice County labor market.

Rice County Labor Market Review (Mercer Study)

This study reviews facets of Rice County's labor market from the perspective of a business leader making a decision to establish or expand an operation in Rice County, Minnesota.

Regional Labor Market Information

This information is provided by the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). Rice County has a land area of 496 square miles and is the 13th most populace county in the state.


There are numerous resources available in Rice County to assist employers with training needs.  A Minnesota Workforce Center is located in Rice County, and South Central College is known for their first-class training abilities. 

Minnesota Workforce Center Faribault

The Workforce Center helps job seekers find employment, helps businesses find workers, and helps anyone at any stage explore and plan careers.

South Central College, Center for Business & Industry

The College offers comprehensive training and curriculum development, qualified consultants with real-world experience, partnership approach which includes:  Credit and Non-Credit Courses Offered Year-Round; Strategic Planning; Budgeting and Training; Cost Effective Means to Meeting Training Needs; and Flexible Scheduling.