Child Welfare & Family Protection

Child Protection

Child protection provides assessment and ongoing case management services to promote the safety and well-being of children. Reports of neglect, physical and sexual abuse of children are assessed with law enforcement. Social service staff and community service providers offer protective services including individual and family counseling, referrals, parent education, and case management. Out of home placement including foster care is used with a focus of family reunification. Also, services are provided to children under the guardianship of the state.

Suspected Child Abuse / Neglect

Access the Rice County Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Form (PDF).

Welfare Services

County Child Welfare services are available to parents and children in Rice County to improve relationships between family members and to ensure the safety and well-being of children within families. Services are provided to minor parents, families of children who are truanting from school and running away from home, families experiencing severe parent/child conflict and families in need of assistance as a result of their own or other child's special needs.

Child Foster Care

Social Services provides a temporary and safe nurturing environment for children in need of foster care, for ages 0-18 years. A social worker provides orientation, training, licensing, and re-licensing of foster care homes.

Child Maltreatment Screening Guidelines

View the Minnesota Child Maltreatment Screening Guidelines.