Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning division is responsible for the development, maintenance and implementation of the:

Additional Involvement

The division also works with the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment to issue conditional use permits, approves development plans and grants variances.

The Planning division is also involved with development of Parks and Open Space planning, All Hazard Mitigation planning and Transportation planning.

For questions or concerns relating to Zoning, please contact Trent McCorkell at 507-332-6168 or by email.

Online Permitting System

Visit the Online Building & Zoning Permitting page to apply online.

For more information about our Online Permitting System, read our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Application Deadlines & Meetings

If you would like to see a schedule of the 2017 Planning Commission & Board of Adjustment Meeting Dates and Deadlines, visit our Application Deadlines and Meeting Dates (PDF) page.

Floodplain Information

To learn more about what is being done about floodplains, read our Floodplain Management page.